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The Music Program

Music pervades the life of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church and brings depth to our parish life.

Music is an integral part of parish worship. The E.M. Skinner organ illuminates the liturgy and enhances the meaning, beauty, and mystery of our services. Guest singers and other artists frequently provide variety and inspiration to our worship as well as to informal gatherings.

Music is a active component of our community outreach.

Our Children’s Choir

St. Ann’s Sunday School Children’s Choir meets once a month from 10:15 to 11:00 am. All children participate in learning music under the direction of parent Josh Williams. Interim Music Director Mark Peterson accompanies on the piano. The following video shows the choir rehearsing “Silent Night” in preparation for the Christmas Pageant.

The Peabody Memorial Organ

Thanks to our superb 1925 E.M. Skinner organ, St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church is able to offer a full spectrum of music, both religious and secular, to a variety of audiences. The high quality of the instrument itself has proved to be a valuable fundraiser in the long-term campaign for its restoration. At the beginning of the current restoration efforts in the mid-1990s, fully a third of the organ was silent, and much of the remaining pipes were in need of both tonal and physical restoration. The organ was plagued with silent notes, and the console was unreliable. As of 2010, most pipe ranks are now playing, though the chimes and celesta remain silent. Tonal restoration has returned the organ to its intended sound, and the console has been rebuilt. There are still problems with dead notes, and the winding system and note action need re-leathering and reconditioning. These are all being addressed as funds are available.

Community Music

The parish desires its historic property to serve the community and to be a useful resource for many purposes. In particular, we recognize the extremely fine acoustics of the church space for musical performance. St. Ann’s is pleased that a number musical organizations have sought out the sanctuary space for their rehearsals and performances and welcomes their interest.

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