Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

Connecting Spirits, Minds and Lives

Find out more about all of the small groups, teams, and ministry opportunities listed here by emailing the church office.

20s & 30s Group ~ The 20s & 30s Group of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church is an “affinity group” or “small group” for members of the young adult generation of the parish. We are grateful to share with one another the joys and challenges people our age face, while remaining deeply connected to the larger community of fellow parishioners and friends at St. Ann’s.

We meet regularly at locations throughout the city and at the church, generally on the first Wednesday of the month. We plan social activities, organize service opportunities, and support the mission of the church in lots of ways.

Altar Guild & Ushers ~ In a variety of ways, we are hosts of worship at St. Ann’s. Members of the Altar Guild do the behind-the-scenes work of cleaning and setting out vestments and vessels for services. Ushers arrive to church in time to welcome worshipers and hand out service bulletins. They serve in several liturgical roles during services as well. Some ushers also help as counters of the morning collection after the last service.

Crucifers and Lay Eucharistic Ministers ~ Crucifers are cross bearers who lead the procession of the altar party at the start and end of the worship service. They also lead the Gospel procession, ring the bells at appointed time during the Holy Communion service, and light and extinguish the altar candles. Lay Eucharist Ministers (LEMs) assist the clergy to prepare the altar for the Holy Communion and, as chalice bearers, they serve the wine from sacred vessels.

Lectors ~ Lectors are members of the congregation who read from the Holy Scriptures and lead the Prayers of the People at appointed times during worship.

Sunday School
Outreach Committee ~ The members of St. Ann’s Outreach Committee are engaged in mission and service by connecting to the needs of the most vulnerable people in the wider community. They organize social justice projects throughout the year in which all are invited to participate. They continue to inspire St. Ann’s parishioners to be the church in action!

Stewardship ~ Our ability to sustain the many ministries and community-building taking place at St. Ann’s is only possible because individual members and families pledge their time, talent and treasure. We rely on your generosity in all these ways, including a regular financial contribution of an amount that is affordable from everyone. We show our strength and will to remain a vibrant and faithful parish to our Bishop and the wider Church by all being counted among the pledging members. Pledge forms are available at the entrance of the church or the parish office and are gratefully accepted throughout the year. 

Hospitality ~ Members of the parish hospitality team see to it that refreshments are served after all of our services during the coffee hour or time of fellowship and also for special parish events throughout the year.

The Forum @ St. Ann’s ~ Members of the Forum team help identify speakers, performers, and artists for presentations, panels, and exhibitions, and assist in planning and organizing events throughout the year.



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