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Baptism is the sacrament of initiation, a ritual of welcome and inclusion of a person, infant or adult, into the Christian family as a full member of Christ’s body, the Church. It is the start of a new phase in a lifelong journey of faith.

For those seeking baptism for oneself or family members, regular attendance at St. Ann’s is encouraged because after baptism, one becomes a part of our parish and joins our journey as we grow in our faith and extend Christian service to others.

For baptism of an infant or child, at least one parent must be baptized. It is preferred but nor required for both godparents be Christian. Parents and godparents attend a pre-baptism session with a member of the clergy on behalf of infants and children to be baptized. Adult candidates must acknowledge a genuine desire to embrace the Christian faith and life and attend pre-baptism preparation. Baptisms take place during a Sunday service on a few prescribed days and as they can be accommodated on other Sundays of the year.

The service of baptism can be found in The Book of Common Prayer. To discuss baptism, contact the Rector with the form below or call the parish office at 718-875-6960.


Couples wishing to be married at St. Ann’s, including same-gender couples, should contact the Rector to discuss their intentions. It is important to discuss possible dates and fees to determine the feasibility of accommodating the ceremony. Membership at St. Ann’s is not required, but couples are encouraged to attend worship services regularly. At least one of the couple must be a baptized Christian.

A member of the clergy meets three times with the couple. These meetings provide and opportunity for the couple to examine their relationship more deeply and to confirm their understanding of the commitment of marriage. The wedding ceremony used is according to the rite in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

If there has been a previous divorce for one or both individuals, the priest must obtain permission from the Bishop of the Diocese of Long Island in order to perform the ceremony. This process can take several months.

The Director of Music at St. Ann’s will perform at weddings in our church for an additional fee, if available, or will assist the couple to identify a musician.

To discuss a wedding, contact the Rector with the form below or call the parish office at 718-875-6960.


All arrangements for funerals should be made by contacting the Rector. The deceased need not have been a member of St. Ann’s. Parishioners are encouraged to include funeral plans and other final arrangements pertaining to St. Ann & the Holy Trinity in their wills. contact the Rector with the form below or call the parish office at 718-875-6960.


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