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The Bolton windows depicting stories from the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, are at the clerestory — top — level of the church. The images of these windows are in appropriate sequence, starting at the altar end of the north side of the church and progressing toward the narthex, then moving to the south side (Montague Street) and finishing at the altar end.

Photo credit Gregory Eaton. Click on image to enlarge.

Old Testament Windows, Clerestory Level

Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden

Humankind Shall Labor for Bread

Sacrifice of Cain and Abel

Sacrifice of Noah

Sacrifice of Isaac

Jacob Steals Isaac’s Blessing

Jacob’s Ladder

Joseph Meets Jacob

Finding Moses

Moses with the Tablets

Moses and the Brazen Serpent

Joshua at Battle of Gibbeon

Samson Carrys off Gates of Gaza

Samuel Anoints David as King

Building Solomon’s Temple

King Josiah Reads Deuteronomy

Hannah Brings Samuel to the Temple


Old Testament Windows

New Testament Windows

Tree of Jesse Windows

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