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Children’s Programs

St. Ann’s in-person Sunday School and Playgroup programs are on hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, Sunday School gatherings are taking place on Zoom or in outdoor settings. For information or to participate, please contact

The Children’s Choir will resume Sunday, October 18, on Zoom with Hallie Stotler!


Sunday School and the Playgroup meet from 10:15 am to 11:00 am, following the 9:30 am Early Church service. Classes are free and all are welcome, so bring a friend!

Making bird puppets

At St. Ann’s Sunday School, K-6 children enjoy Bible stories and creative projects that are part of the journey toward faith. Mo. Kate Salisbury creates a lively curriculum that includes reading, praying, singing, and hand-on projects.




The Sunday Playgroup for newborn-Pre-K, meets at the same time as Sunday School and is led by led by parent Tasha Richards. The group meets upstairs in the Community Room where young children and their parents are invited to enjoy stories, songs and projects just for them. The format includes open play and a weekly reading and craft project that focuses on the Sunday School theme in an age appropriate way.


Children’s Music

On Sunday, January 5, 2020, we  welcomed Hallie Stotler who is helping us build our own youth choir! The choir, for children 7-11, meets most Sundays immediately after Sunday School, from 11:15 am to 12 noon. Each week, the choir learns the basics of healthy vocal technique and part singing and explore spirituals, rounds, folk songs, and the rich musical heritage of the Episcopal church.  Every rehearsal includes a vocal warm-up, new song/review of previous material, and music games, with an emphasis on joyful collaborative learning. Children explore a range of musical styles and have opportunities to sing in both the 9:30 am and 11:15 am services at St. Ann’s. Hallie is completing a Masters in Music Education. She is a member of a band, teaches music in NYC schools and has a lifelong love of music in the folk and Episcopal Church traditions. Choir is free of charge for children in the parish and wider community. To sign up, please email Hallie at .

Last Fall on October 6, 2019, the children presented their original “Song of Francis,”  during the St. Francis Day celebrations, which concluded the “Instruments of Peace” series devoted to St. Francis and his concerns for peace. The singers flew the bird puppets they made during the program. The words of the song follow:

We care for everyone, and everything
We care for the earth for the earth has everything.

Where there is hatred, let me bring love.
Let me spread kindness on the wings of a dove.

If someone needs shelter, let me receive.
Make me an instrument of your peace.

Adult Education Opportunity for Parents

On selected Sundays from 10:15 am to 11:00 am, while children attend Sunday School, adults are invited to an in-depth exploration of the season’s Gospel readings and themes.


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