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Composting Lesson

[frame_left]Scaffolding Parish Hall[/frame_left] Suzan Frazier, parishioner and newly minted Master Composter, spread the word at St. Ann’s about composting while incorporating a few words urging stewardship for God’s creation.

In a presentation to parishioners on a recent Sunday, Suzan outlined the basics of composting and the several opportunities residents have to compost food waste in NYC. Suzan also led them through the basics of recycling using a couple of bags of household items and covering which recyclables go in which bag. She urged her audience to consult the NYC Department of Sanitation website when in doubt.

A lively discussion ensued, with parishioners demonstrating their concern for the environment.

It is great to know that our parishioners care about the environment and the 20% of NYC’s waste stream which is food waste. This presentation was step forward in St. Ann’s participation to achieve a sustainable Brooklyn.

More photos of the presentation are here.

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