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Support St. Ann’s!

Many hands and hearts — and significant financial support — make St. Ann’s as a house of prayer and community commons. You can help maintain this historic spiritual and cultural resource in a variety of ways.

Pledging: Individual members and households at St. Ann’s personally invest themselves and their financial resources to sustain our church. Pledging your time and talent supports parish outreach and service programs as well as operations. Contributions are made on a self-determined schedule by check or online ­here.

General Support: Help us keep the doors open, the lights on, the boiler running and ongoing maintenance continuing by contributing here.

Tower Restoration:  St. Ann’s has established restoration priorities for our historic landmark building. Our current focus is to restore the brownstone and stained glass windows in the church, as well as the E.M. Skinner organ it houses. The project requires a team of architects, engineers and conservators and will be painstaking and costly. The church is committed to ongoing fundraising internally, but must rely on significant outside contributions from grant-makers and individual donors. We welcome and deeply appreciate your contribution to the Tower Restoration Project here.

Organ Restoration Fund: St. Ann’s 90+ year-old E.M. Skinner, Opus #524 pipe organ is the largest intact Skinner organ in NYC. Formerly silent keys have been activated and aging parts replaced through restoration efforts over the last few decades, but a great deal more work is required to bring our landmark instrument to full capacity. In order to engage in the next stages of restoration, our organ curators must rely on resources available in this fund.

The Forum @ St. Ann’s: The Forum presents an array of engaging cultural and civic events that bring together and inspire people. Forum happenings include book readings, film screenings, visual arts exhibitions, live theater and music performances, and conversations about issues of the day. Your support will help the Forum continue to offer individuals and groups platforms for exposure and expression.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts: Donations may be made in memory or in honor of a person. Please direct special requests regarding such gifts to the Parish Administrator of through our contact form.

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