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St. Ann’s Church

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What’s Sheltering in Place Like for You?

Shared images, videos and thoughts of our time in suspended animation

Pics of Peace Garden

I took a couple of pics yesterday when I was helping Jackie stake roses. The oak leaf hydrangeas are Jackie’s…

Signs of Support

St. Ann's fence and parish hall entrance display signs supporting Covid-19 first-responders and conveying our prayers for their health and…

Seeing Light inside Fruit

Since I am immunocompromised, I am sheltering in place alone. I began to paint still-lifes of 3 lemons that were…

For Our First Responders

Lucy Van Alstyn's poster for First Responders, made as part of her school's thank-you project.

“Thank You” Poster

Poster made by Grace Van Alstyne as a part of her school's project to encourage First Responders in our community.

Planting in My Parents’ Garden

Planting in my parents' garden for them to enjoy the beautiful Easter season together in NC. They are house bound…

Spring in Bloom

Spring in bloom from my daily walks in Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. Beautiful, sustaining. Margaret Victor

Resurrection Unfolding

"And here’s a photo of the lily plant I took from the front step of our church on Easter Monday…

Gloria (for March 2020)

Jacqueline de Weever caught the first moments of spring in her poem, "Gloria (for March 2020)." Gloria (for March 2020)…

What the Woodpeckers Said

St. Ann's Associate for Faith Formation, the Fr. Craig Townsend, wrote "What the Woodpeckers Said" about his life in quarantine…

Easter greetings to St. Ann’s

Carol Francescani, now far distanced, sent Easter greetings to St. Ann's.

St. Ann’s Garden in Full Bloom

Parishioner Nancy Nicolette found St. Ann's garden in full bloom on Easter Sunday.

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