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Lost and Found in the Wilderness

[frame_left]wilderness (250x164)[/frame_left]Lenten Series — Lost and Found in the Wilderness: A Journey Through Lent

Thursdays, March 13-April 10, 7:00 pm-8:15 pm

In the Bible, the wilderness is a place where the ancient Israelites wandered for forty years, a place where prophets went to be purified, a place from which John the Baptist emerges and where Jesus is tempted and tested.

In this Lenten series, we will contemplate the various ways that wilderness is understood in our Holy Scriptures, as we also address the experience of wilderness is in our lives. As we see how God fed and sustained the Israelites in the wilderness, we will look for moments where we have been fed and sustained by God.

So please join us, the members of Grace Church and St. Ann & the Holy Trinity. All sessions will be held at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity and will include Bible Study, reflection, conversation and prayer.

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