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St. Ann & the Holy Trinity is a National Historic Landmark and was recognized by the World Monuments Fund as a site important to the city and to architectural history. The building’s preservation is a responsibility that falls not just to the parish, but also to the community of which is an integral part.

The challenges to restoration, repair and maintenance have been constant and challenging. Many of the building’s problems date to the twelve years it stood empty and untended in the late 1950s and 1960s. Over the years, and with much public support, roofs and windows have been restored and most recently, the decorative ceiling of the sanctuary has been stabilized. It is a safe and beautiful place for the many uses it serves – performances, presentations, meetings, exhibitions and of course worship.

Campaign for Restoration of the Church Tower

We are pleased and grateful that on October 21, 2021, St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church was one of 15 congregations selected to join The National Fund for Sacred Places, a program of Partners for Sacred Places in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. As a 2021 awardee, our congregation will receive a generous matching grant of $250,000 toward the costs of an exterior restoration project of the church tower.

The tower needs significant restoration. Scaffolding has stood in front of our church for decades, protecting pedestrians from the potential of falling stone and obscuring the welcome offered by a truly magnificent entrance. The National Fund grant opens a path to long overdue repair and strengthening of the tower’s masonry, which has suffered substantial weathering, material loss and damage over the years. We are confident that our members and friends will want to join our efforts to raise matching funds to restore our treasured building that has long served the community.

Please help us restore the integrity of this magnificent building’s entryway and the spirit of welcome it reflects.

Please use this form to support the mission of St. Ann’s in every way you can.

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