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St. Ann & the Holy Trinity hosts events at the Sixth Annual Brooklyn Book Festival

[frame_left][/frame_left]St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church hosted three events that were part of the recent Brooklyn Book Festival that took place last Sunday, September 18, 2011.

The Wall Street Journal published an article about the first event of the day that honored Jhumpa Lahiri, this year’s 2011 Brooklyn Book Festival BoBi Award winner and author of Unaccustomed Earth, Interpreter of Maladies (Pulitzer Prize 2000) and The Namesake, in conversation with book critic Liesl Schillinger and introduced by Borough President Marty Markowitz.

The Wall Street Journal article, Jhumpa Lahiri Shares a Bit of Her New Novel mentions:

“Festivalgoers lined the pews in the nave of the Gothic Revival St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights. Lahiri started by reading an excerpt from her new work while seated in front of the stained-glass, arched window. Her voice was subdued and steady, filling the vaulted interior as solemnly as a priest’s.”

[frame_right]Jhumpa Lahiri[/frame_right]Read more of the article on The Wall Street Journal

The New Yorker also mentions the same event in the article: At the Brooklyn Book Festival, the Unending Pleasures of Reading

“At the packed St. Ann and the Holy Trinity church, the eleven-year Brooklyn resident and Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri talked with Liesl Schillinger.”

The New York Times mentioned St. Ann’s at the third event of the day moderated by the National Book Foundation and presented by the Brooklyn Academy of Music: Eat, Drink and Be Literary-Defining the Moment: USA 2011: Where are We?, where writers Deborah Eisenberg, Fran Lebowitz, and Wallace Shawn, discussed the difficulties in figuring out what exactly this moment is, why people are feeling enormous anxiety, and why that anxiety is poorly understood.

The New York Times mentions:

“BAM capped off the day of literary goodness with their laughter-filled panel. The writers, Deborah Eisenberg, Fran Lebowitz and Wallace Shawn, also an actor, filled their discussion with deprecating humor and sarcasm.

“What a rare occasion it is to bring all Jews in an Episcopal church,” Mr. Shawn joked as he spoke to the hundreds who packed the St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights.”

Read more of the New York Times article: BAM Brings Laughs to the Brooklyn Book Festival

Photo credit: Ricky Casiano The New York  Times

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