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Sunday School Arts

[frame_left]Welcome Table[/frame_left] This Week in Sunday School:
Poetry, Music & the Art of Letters

Sunday, January 28, 2018
10:15 – 11:00 am, after the Early Church service

St. Ann’s Sunday School is now engrossed in learning about illuminated manuscripts. The series of classes was inspired by the upcoming showing at the church of a Heritage Edition of the St. John’s Gospel, the first illuminated, handwritten version of the Bible produced in 500 years. The Bible is being lent by the diocese’s Cathedral of the Incarnation for viewing and use during worship on Sunday February 4 and 11.

The Sunday School curriculum, developed by Associate Rector Mo. Kate Salisbury, is instructive and packed with fun. The following is her note to parents about what to expect this Sunday, January 28:

Dear Parents,  

In preparation for our Lenten illuminated Psalter project, Sunday School spent last week’s class learning about psalms. In small groups, children composed their own poetry using sentence fragments overheard that morning in worship. Each line of the poems below was copied verbatim by me then chosen later by children to incorporate into their group poems. Enjoy! 

This week we continue our creative expression, singing in both playgroup and Sunday School. Older children will also be invited to watch a short video featuring the calligrapher at the heart of the Saint John’s Bible.  St. Ann & the Holy Trinity will house a fine art reproduction of the Saint John’s Bible February 4 & 11.

Love, Kate+

Early Church #1
No subways are here
My soul in silence waits.
We’re a little gross right now
And dad said, “I don’t know”
Makes you smile.

Early Church #2
Good Morning! Hello
What can you hear?
Do you hear footsteps?
Now is not the time for the carpet
She loves you so much
Thank you very much.

Early Church #3
I love you
It’s important to tell people you love them
We believe in God
Two by two all the way
Although I’m hungry
And we’re a little snotty

Early Church #4
Can we sit in those throne things?
Grandma, I want to sit in your lap
Will you sit with me?
They’re coming from all directions!
Should we start
A trampoline accident?

Early Church #5
Do you remember your hands?
Sit on the rug with me.
OK then.
Open our ears to hear you
Can you hear God?
The gifts of God for the people of God
We thank you God for this new day
Right now.

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