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The St. John’s Bible

St. John’s Bible on View

Sunday, February 4 and 11, 2018
Early Church service, 9:30 am
Holy Eucharist service, 11:15 am

On Sunday,  February 4 and 11, St. Ann & the Holy Trinity will have on view a rare Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, the first illuminated, handwritten version of the Bible to be produced in 500 years. On loan from the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island’s Cathedral of the Incarnation, this fine art replica of the Gospels and Book of Acts will be used in worship inspire Lenten programs, such as the creation of an illuminated Psalter in Sunday School.

The breadth and scope of The Saint John’s Bible has been compared to that of the Sistine Chapel. An international team of calligraphers and artists spent fifteen years creating this masterpiece. Though the team used medieval techniques, the illustrations incorporate modern elements such as DNA strands, images from the Hubble telescope, and satellite photos of the Ganges River. Only 299 Heritage Editions were made. They are full-scale, fine art reproductions of the original with hand-embellishing — and no two are exactly alike.

Please join us to view a contemporarily embellished Bible as it communicates Jesus’s eternal message anew for our worship.

Photo credit: The Birth of Christ illumination on exhibition in The Saint John’s Bible Gallery. Hill Museum & Manuscript Library/Wayne Torborg, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota, USA.

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