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Ways to Serve – Community Life

There are many ways to get involved in the ministry of service at St. Ann’s and engage in parish life. Contact us to indicate your interest in any of the following volunteer opportunities.

Altar Guild members are the holy housekeepers of worship. Members do the behind-the-scenes work of setting out bread, wine, sacred vessels and altar books, selecting vestments, cleaning linens, maintaining liturgical accoutrement and otherwise ensuring that our worship services reflect the order, significance and beauty of the season. Individuals work in small groups. Altar Guilders often remark that their participation makes the liturgy more understandable and worship more meaningful.

Crucifers carry the cross in procession and at several other times in the course of the liturgy. They also ring the bells at appointed times during Holy Communion and light and extinguish the altar candles. Crucifers vest for the service and are seated in the chancel (altar area) during worship.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMS) assist the clergy in preparing the altar for Holy Communion. They also serve consecrated wine at the time of Holy Communion. LEMs vest for the service and are seated in the chancel (altar area) during worship.

Readers (Lectors) read from the Holy Scriptures. Intercessors lead the Prayers of the People. Advance copies of appointed readings are sent to the assigned lectors so they can practice a clear, smooth delivery of the Word and best convey its meaning.

Ushers welcome worshipers, hand out service bulletins and assist those who may need help. Ushers have several liturgical roles: bearing the gifts (the bread and wine), passing the collection plates, and lead worshipers to communion. Some ushers also help as counters of the morning collections after the service.

Hospitality Team members prepare and serve refreshments for the Sunday morning coffee hour and special parish events.

Newcomer Committee members identify newcomers and ensure they receive a warm welcome, including offering an invitation to coffee hour, standing ready to answer questions and otherwise making those new to St. Ann’s feel at home.

Outreach Committee members are dedicated to addressing the immediate needs of our neighbors and pursuing justice for all God’s people. Through a sustained focus on our Food Pantry, special collections and forums that engage critical community issues, we strive to embody the keystone of our Baptismal Covenant: to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.

Liturgy Team members engage in idea sharing about ways to sustain the liturgical life of the parish and explore and implement creative new approaches to worship.

Fundraising Committee members plan fundraising events to support the parish financially, including the annual gala, capital appeals and special projects.

Communications Committee members serve as contributing writers and/or editors of parish news and publications and on the marketing team.

Buildings & Grounds Committee members are charged with the stewardship of St. Ann’s historic buildings and gardens. Chaired by a vestry member, the committee meets at least quarterly. The committee is one of the two standing committees under the by-laws of the parish.

Garden Committee volunteers help to beautify and maintain our parish gardens, primarily by planting, pruning and watering in good weather.

Sunday School-Children’s Ministry Committee members consist of parents and educators interested in children’s faith formation at St. Ann’s. They meet seasonally to think creatively about Sunday School topics, special celebrations and programs.

LGBTQ+ Action Team members are committed to identifying ways to celebrate, support and stand with members of the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year, including Pride Month each June. All are welcome to join the team! The group launched in 2022.


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