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We Are Pilgrims

We Are Pilgrims, a New Class Led by
The Rev. Craig Townsend,
Associate for Faith Formation

September 24,October 22
November 12, December 17

10:15 am after the Early Church Service
12:45 pm after the Holy Eucharist Service

To say that life is a pilgrimage is not to suggest that we are journeying towards God, for God in Christ accompanies us always, every step of the way. It is instead to argue that attending to this companionship in faith is what allows is to see the holiness of our everyday life journeys. Sometimes it helps, though, to step outside our lives to undertake a physical journey with a holy goal to remember that we are constant pilgrims. The Rev. Craig Townsend, Associate for Faith Formation, invites us to contemplate the idea, the history, and the specificity of pilgrimage(s).

This adult formation series is open to all.

  • September 24 ― We are Pilgrims: Overview of Pilgrimage
  • October 22 ― Pilgrimage in the Old Testament
  • November 12 ― St. Paul as Pilgrim
  • December 17 ― Pilgrimage in the Gospels

St. Ann’s offers regular faith formation opportunities, including Bible studies, book discussions and contemplative prayer. These gatherings offer us new ways to explore and enhance our faith as well as to participate more deeply in our rich parish life.

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