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Bishop Provenzano’s Visit to St. Ann’s

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Bishop Lawrence Provenzano and his wife Jeanne came to St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church on January 6, 2013, to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. The bishop had met with the parish leadership previously, but this was his first official visitation since he took up his position in 2009. It was significant for him to preside at the main service, be present for a baptism, confirm two parishioners and receive two others into the Episcopal Church. In his sermon, he suggested that Epiphany Sunday, which commences a “season of light,” be considered a day for renewed commitment to Christian mission and challenged the congregation to persist in seeking ways to serve the wider community.

The Bishop visited the Sunday School and said he was pleased to see a video the young people had made about Christmas and Epiphany, commenting on the appropriate integration of technology into contemporary Christian education. During a fellowship hour after the service and a subsequent meeting with the vestry there were opportunities for informal sharing and engagement between the bishop and parishioners about their mutual hopes for the church’s future.

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