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Episode 13: “All the World Is Still a Stage”

Canon John welcomes Anne Hamburger, the award-winning founder, artistic director, and creative producer of En Garde Arts in New York City to Frankly. Through En Garde Arts, Annie put herself on the map and made her mark with pioneering site-specific theater throughout the city in the 1980s and 90s. Canon John talks with Annie about her trajectory from performer to producer and her determination to turn improbable spaces into performance venues in which to engage the imaginations of audiences throughout her career. Annie admits to occasionally being surprised by the results of her collaborations with emerging artists and that her early successes led to an invitation to launch the Creative Entertainment department for Disney in Los Angeles. Life takes Annie back to New York City, where from her home in Brooklyn she hatches En Garde Arts 2.0 with a mission to develop theater that has social change at its core. Canon John’s conversation with Annie begins and ends with the breakthroughs, surprises and successes of site-specific theater-making through the pandemic, and ultimately to an exciting collaboration with St. Ann & the Holy Trinity that is in the works.

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